Terms & Conditions


The Edge Rules

  1. All visitors to the Edge jail & dungeon must be at least 21 years.

  2. The Edge jail & dungeon authorities are not providing supervision of the facility. The use of all rooms, utilities, conveniences and services is at own risk. Therefore the Edge jail & dungeon cannot be held responsible for acts of negligence.

  3. All visitors are voluntary guests with willing consent and at their own risk. A form to this effect needs to be signed.

  4. The use of any drugs within the facility is prohibited. Alcohol is permitted, but should be enjoyed with moderation. Drunkenness or intoxication will not be tolerated.

  5. Any form of professional or commercial or public-use photographing and filming within the Edge jail & dungeon is prohibited without exceptions. Guests that have arranged for a private stay are asked to use film and video for private use only.

  6. The Edge jail & dungeon authorities believe in the non-violent laissez-faire of any adult sexual being and therefore permit all forms of playful scene that make your sexual fantasies and adventures come to life. Physical injuries however as well as any kind of violence are illegal and therefore prohibited.

  7. The Edge jail & dungeon does not approve of and cannot be held liable for any kind of health endangering practices during sessions and stays within the Edge jail & dungeon.

  8. Masters and Mistresses are required to act according to the generally and worldwide acknowledged Safe, Sane and Consensual Credo of any one in charge of slaves.

  9. Please follow any directional and informational sign and verbal instructions within the Edge jail & dungeon.

  10. No play allowed with anyone intoxicated or not of sound mind.

  11. Sanitize all used surfaces, including implements and lube bottles, thoroughly.

  12. No screaming or loud yelling.

  13. No fire or gun play.

  14. No unsupervised bondage.

  15. No smoking.

  16. Sanitize all used surfaces, including implements and lube bottles, thoroughly. Wipe up any messes or spills.

  17. The Edge jail & dungeon staff has the authority to ban improper behaving guests from the premises.